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Should You Reward Students?

Stickers, stamps, high fives, “bravo!”, smiles and other motivational methods? Do you use them? Do you approve of them? Should you reward your students at all? If so, what should you reward them for and how / when is a good time to do it? Keep reading to find out. There are some teaching methods […]


How to Introduce New Material to Young Learners

New ESL teachers often ask how to introduce new material to young (pre-school) students. Key rules: be enthusiastic, speak slowly and clearly, use visual aids and let children get involved by pointing, touching, speaking and moving. You will of course need to repeat the new words and phrases many times, but to keep things interesting […]

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ESL Teacher Lesson Plans for Pre-Schoolers

Lessons with pre-schoolers cannot be too long because attention spans vary depending on age of the children. 2-3 year olds can usually effectively manage a 20 minute class, 3-6 year olds can focus for up to 30 minutes, while 6+ will work well up to 45 minutes. Our lessons are always led in the target […]