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Are you a new teacher needing help with teaching techniques & keeping your young learners engaged, or maybe an experienced teacher looking for further inspiration?

We've got you covered! Check out our Teaching Hacks, download some new flashcards or games or learn a new song on Fidgety TV.


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5 Tips for Making Engaging Online Lessons for Pre-Schoolers

Here are 5 tips on how to make interesting, engaging online language lessons for pre-schoolers. I never thought I would ever have to do this, but you know what? Life is like a class with pre-schoolers – you never know what will hit you next 😛 When I record my online video classes I try […]

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How Can Language Teachers Avoid Burn-out?

I have been teaching foreign languages to young students for over 25 years now and training teachers for over 10 years. As far as the journey from newbie to experienced language teacher is concerned, burn-out is an all too common problem. So how can language teachers prevent burn-out? What about you? How can you spot […]

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5 Effective Props & Educational Tools to Use in Language Classes

What props, gadgets or educational tools do you use with young learners in your language classes? Most of us use flashcards (I will dedicate a separate article to this subject, or even a few :). We either sing songs or use recordings (on our phones, or laptops). We might also award stickers and stamps – […]


Check out the latest song from our YouTube channel - Fidgety TV


Flashcards are one of the most effective teaching tools for fidgety learners. There are so many ways to use them including story telling, vocabulary building and memory development.

To give you a little taste of what's on offer, we've put together some samples from one of our most popular packs. They are yours to download for FREE when you subscribe to our newsletter!

Mind. Body. Language.

Mind. Body. Language. All connected. Or at least they should be when learning a language. Most kids naturally learn by using all their senses. Forcing them to sit down and learn only by listening and reading/writing is making it HARDER for them to learn.

Languages for the Fidgety understands that learning is a natural process and therefore makes the process as enjoyable as possible for all the senses. We take advantage of children's natural curiosity and energy, and their eagerness to play.

We have created a teaching program for young learners that is aesthetically pleasing and animations that are both musically and artistically GREAT. It all matters. Children do not have internal motivation to learn. They are inspired by teachers that like them and like their job.

A good teacher tries to find the “key” to every student. It is only possible when they themselves are well prepared for the class (they have confidence in the teaching method and teaching resources) and experience of how children learn BEST.

I have been a teacher myself for 25 years. I have been training teachers for the last 9 years. This blog has been created in order to help other teachers find daily inspiration and understanding on how to best address the needs of their students. We will present information on all vital teaching skills in the most practical way possible. We wixll offer tips on how to prepare a lesson, give you visual and music aids, suggest play scenarios, tips on how to motivate and how to correct your students and most of all how to LOVE your job and pass this love to your young learners. All you need is love :). Enjoy.
Justyna Szymańska-Blackler (Founder)

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