Every Teacher Must Be A Jedi!

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A good teacher must be a good observer and know how to adapt a lesson plan to accommodate children’s changing moods and concentration levels. Taking all circumstances into consideration, every teacher must be a Jedi 🙂

I always start my class by asking my students how they are, and I mean it. If many of them are sad, tired or hungry I quickly rewrite the lesson plan in my head to accommodate.

I watch the kids as we go through activities to see what’s achievable on that given day. If they are overstimulated I don’t choose activities that need a high level of focus. Instead I choose a well known activity to get their attention and then move into more complex tasks. If before my class they have already had some classes requiring concentration I try to incorporate as many games requiring physical activity as possible.

Kids communicate through body language a lot. If they fidget or start looking around or poke their friends I know it’s time to move into a different activity. One thing I have learned is that forcing students to do what you want them to do will not produce results. Learning does not work this way.

Be flexible and be prepared!
– by Justyna

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